Saudi Arabia discovers a 9,000-year-old civilization

Saudi Arabia discovers a 9,000-year-old civilization

Researchers in Saudi Arabia are excavating a new archaeological site showing that horses were domesticated 9,000 years ago on the Arabian Peninsula. "This discovery will change the knowledge about the domestication of horses and the evolution of culture in the late Neolithic”Said Ali al-Ghabban, Vice President of Antiquities and Museums of the Arab Commission on Tourism and Antiquities.

At the site, called al-Maqar, mummified skeletons, arrowheads, scrapers, grain mills, tools for spinning and weaving and other tools have also been found that show that the inhabitants of the civilization were expert craftsmen.

The Maqar civilization was very advanced in the Neolithic. This site clearly shows us the domestication of horses 9,000 years ago”Ghabban added.

Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, is trying to diversify its economy beyond black gold and hopes to increase its tourism. In fact, last year exhibitions were launched at Caixa Fórum Barcelona and the Louvre Museum, showing the most important historical discoveries of the Arabian Peninsula.

Source: The Muslim Times

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