5,900-year-old woman's skirt found in Armenia

5,900-year-old woman's skirt found in Armenia

Excavations in a cave in Areni Vayots in Armenia have uncovered a woven women's skirt that is more than 5,900 years old, the Director of the Armenian Archeology and Ethnography Institute, Pavel Avetisyan told the local newspaper Armenian News-News.

Avetisyan reported that the garment was discovered in 2010 and despite being reported at the time of the discovery, interest in it grew more recently.

The garment is more than 5,900 years old. So far we have discovered parts of the skirt that are superbly preserved. It is an incredible material, with rhythmic colors and also, we discovered woven straw that was also part of the clothes. It is the first time that something like this has been found and it has happened here, in Armenia”.

And at this point we must highlight that Areni 1, the cave where the excavations were carried out, is the same site where the oldest footwear in the world was found (more than 5,500 years old), wine press and parts of a mummified goat.

According to Avetisyan, the recently discovered object is in his care, but it will soon be sent to a restorer who will work on it until French specialists arrive. He added that after the final preservation process, the skirt will be displayed in the Armenian History Museum.

Source: Armenian News

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