Biography of Potemkin, the lover of Catherine II and governor of Crimea

Biography of Potemkin, the lover of Catherine II and governor of Crimea

Grigori Alexandrovich Potemkin He was a Russian military man who stood out especially during the Crimean War and was one of the first lovers of the Tsarina Catherine II. His name would end up passing to posterity, because one of the ships that rose up in 1905 was called the same way.

He was born on September 24, 1739 in Chizhera, near Smolensk, into a family of NCOs in the Russian army. The influence of his family was quite strong so, after having studied at the University of Moscow, Potemkin entered the army cavalry corps. Curiously, these battalions were the ones that participated in the coup of 1762, which led the young Grigori to meet Tsarina Catherine II personally. From that moment, became one of the lovers of the Russian monarch and he was one of the characters that most influenced her.

The war brought him to the fore in the first russian-turkish war between 1768 and 1774. His outstanding performance, as well as his situation with respect to the Tsarina, made him appointed Governor General of New Russia, Azov and Astraján. In addition, the court granted him the noble title of count. To further strengthen his military reputation, he eradicated the Cossack revolt in the Urals and arrested Pugachev in 1775.

In 1783, Potemkin returned to fight in the crimean war and got its annexation. The tsarina then gave him the title of "prince of taurica”And the rank of quarterback. With the new power he had, he carried out the annexation of Crimea in 1783 and founded the cities of Jersín, Yekaterinoslav, Nikolaiev and Sevastopol. To defend the newly annexed territories, he built the Russian Black Sea fleet in 1784.

For meet Catherine IIPotemkin organized a triumphant journey through the Crimea, causing the Turks to declare the Second Russo-Turkish War in 1787. In that conflict, he was elected to serve as Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Imperial Army. However, although he participated in the Iasi negotiations, he could not see the end of the conflict, as he died during the peace talks on October 5, 1791 at the age of 52.

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